Excellent Experience! I’ve had PT before and this was a more impressive experience. I felt comfortable, welcomed and a genuine concern from the staff for my improvement.


I was very impressed with the positive synergy among the employees and the professionalism of the staff with the patients.


I could have gone anywhere and I have been to several therapy clinics in town and Bentz in Saginaw was by far the most pleasant experience. I feel that my recovery was great.


Good that the therapist continues with the patient throughout the entire prescription program. Exercises were excellent! I wish this place had been here several years ago when I was recuperating from knee and back problems.


A+, The office staff was very accommodating and pleasant. The therapist was very concerned about each individual, not just their job. The patient’s needs come first and foremost.


Best therapy that I have ever received. Best professional staff, with the best attitude. This made therapy enjoyable and it helped the healing process.


The visits are always worthwhile. I learned beneficial information in maintaining good health. Continue your positive attitude and environment. It is encouraging for the patients.


This was the third physical therapy clinic that I have been, and in my opinion it was the best.


Working with your staff is like a clubhouse atmosphere where everybody is a friend. Improvement happens because you forget your discomfort while you are relaxed with your friends. I looked forward to my sessions and I highly recommend this facility to anyone I encounter who needs physical therapy.